With the warmer weather slowly appearing, and the summer season getting closer, it was time for the annual Fitting Out Supper. Held at our regular meeting venue, The Bowler’s Arms, 40+ members enjoyed a meal of chilli and cheesecake.

Entertainment was provided in the form of a quiz, with quiz mistress Laura and her two keen-eyed spotters to ensure no foul play.

The first round had a nautical theme, which should have been perfect for a yacht club, but some of the questions still provided quite a challenge.

Following rounds included identification of boat manufacturer logos, and deciphering a puzzle using maritime code flags.

The final set of questions were general knowledge, but attendance of past NYC winter talks gave participants a distinct advantage!

The winning team were helped to top the scoreboard by a couple of medical questions, and received champagne and chocolates to help them celebrate. There were NYC branded wooden spoons for the other end of the league table, which were brandished with considerable pride!

10th April 2024