In the winter (September to May) the Club meetings are at 7.45 pm on the second Wednesday of each month. They’re held at the The Bowlers Arms , Enborne Street, Wash Common, Newbury RG14 6TW.

Upcoming Events
  • Cheese, Wine & new member evening - 11th September 2024

    Barney and Lori will give us their account of Sailing the ARC.

  • ‘Roll out the Boat’ talk with Tom Cunliffe - 9th October 2024

    The ever popular Tom Cunliffe returns to give us another one of his excellent talks.

  • Walk, Talk & Lunch with Ian Maclean - 26th October 2024

    A History of Beaulieu River, Lepe during WW2. Final date still to be confirmed.

  • Adventure to the North Pole with Nick & Peter Ryley - 13th November 2024

  • Laying up Supper and Trophy Awards - 11th December 2024

    Christmas meal, and tales of attempts to receive the prestigious "Uncle Albert" award.

  • ‘Over the Top’ - Atlantic to the Pacific - Tom Sperry - 8th January 2025

    Newbury Yacht Club member Tom Sperry will be presenting his tales and experiences.

  • Sailing the Jester Challenge with John Apps - 12th February 2025

  • Visit to JRRC Coast Guard Fareham with Tom Barnett Tactical Commander - Date TBA

  • Annual General Meeting Plus Cheese & Wine - 12th March 2025

  • Fitting out Supper - 9th April 2025