With another year of Club activities completed, it was time for the AGM. Our Commodore reminded everybody how much had been done in the last twelve months, with a good mixture of on-water and land-based events.

The official business of the AGM was soon completed, with Committee members all returning for another year.

This year, there was an extra element added to the evening, with the return of the ‘NYC auction’. There was a subtle aroma of marine related items filling the room, to tempt people to get their bidding arms ready. As it turned out, arms and hands weren’t necessarily needed for the process of making bids, as the Auctionneer (our very own Mike Bassett), was more than capable of spotting bids without anybody needing to move a muscle.

Many items found new homes, and all the proceeds are on the way to two local independent lifeboat organisations.

13th March 2024