Our first talk of 2024 had us paying rapt attention to a story which started with a lad spending his fifteenth birthday in a police station cell!

That experience started to turn his life around, making a promise to himself never to go back to a prison cell. Jordan beguiled us with stories of serving in the Army, seeing friends die in Afghanistan and the devastating effect of war zones on children.

On leaving the Army, Jordan worked in Maritime Security, making headlines after armed Somali pirates boarded a ship that he was protecting. The experience led Jordan to write his first book “Citadel: The True Story of One Man’s War Against the Pirates of Somalia”.

He described how Dijbouti had become a refuge for people escaping the areas wars, with refugee camps and orphanages, where he saw at first hand the grim lives of the children who had never seen or used pencil and paper. He made a promise to a five year old lad, he would raise the money to build him a school.

This started him onto a new career. Raise money for good works by daring adventure. He took part in major charity expeditions, including Running Dangerously, which saw him run through Afghanistan, Iraq and Somalia, and Barefoot Warrior which involved climbing Mt Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest mountain, completely barefoot!

Then came Paddleboarding around Great Britain, during the Covid lockdown. He described the highs and lows, of what to most of us in the audience seemed impossible feats, of crossing the Irish Sea and back across to Scotland.

These exploits raised enough to make good on his promise to the five year old lad, and the school was built.

Jordan can seldom slow down for long as he described his 2024 Tower Power challenge. He will be travelling to the Blackpool Tower via the Eiffel Tower, starting at the Leaning tower of Pisa. Travelling sustainably, think a bike made from coppiced wood, a kayak made from recycled plastic bottles, wild camping, locally sourced food, recycled clothing and equipment and so on.

His latest challenge can be supported here:  Jordan Wylie is fundraising for Army Cadet Charitable Trust UK (ACCT UK) (justgiving.com)

10th January 2024