Laying Up Supper

With the end of the year approaching, it was time for the annual Laying Up Supper. As always, there was a high turn-out at the Furze Bush Inn for a delicious meal, festive catch-up, and raffle.

It was also time for the prestigious Uncle Albert award to be presented to its next happy recipient, as recognition of a suitably skilled level of seamanship.

As the nominees were announced in turn, there was great speculation as to who was most likely to win. Would it be departing a marina while attached to the electric hookup? What about loosing a fender, while other NYC members were watching? Not strictly water-based, but still worthy of mention was losing a trailer off the back of a Landrover while on the way to the tip. Man-Overboard practice, when a floating fender was spotted, received a mention. It was mainly for the offence of leaving the offending item behind, but it was deemed to have been too long at sea to be brought aboard.

Sailing in foreign climes does not preclude inclusion, and produced several contenders. One couple let slip that there may have been some mishaps, but in true ‘what happens on the boat stays on the boat’ fashion, there were no juicy details.

In the end, the award was decided very democratically, by letting the Commodore pick the winner at random from a hat, and we were assured that all contenders were being given equal opportunity of winning.

Ultimately, the winning entry was for crashing into a navigation buoy. The boat in question may have been in a different continent, but fortunately had a crew member who was related to the current Albert holder.

13th December 2023