Sailboat in ice by - Jim Black - by Jim Black -

Sandwiched between the two named storms Isha and Jocelyn, most skippers took one look at forecast 50 knot winds and decided that the land route to the Hamble was the obvious choice. Only three boats made it to the rally – Chaiya who went down on Friday with very light winds and with the intention of staying the week, Storm Cloud who had been relocated earlier as Ocean Village was being dredged and Southern Hey who sashayed down the Hamble avoiding the worst of the gusts.

This did not stop the mulled wine and cakes which took place on Chaiya and saw 12 stalwarts attend greeted by Basil the boat’s sea dog. The mulled wine used the Rear Commodore’s secret mulling syrup (recipe available on the BBC website) and copious quantities of brandy to liven up the wine. Claims that the alcohol had evaporated in the mulling were perhaps a little optimistic.

Dinner was at the RAF Yacht Club where in total we had 21 people who had an excellent meal and were well looked after by Sean and Hannah. As always lots of sharing stories and laughter saw everyone enjoying themselves. An unusual rally given the weather conditions but still a great convivial occasion. Hopefully next time the weather will be kinder to us.

20th – 21st January 2024