Peter ‘Stokey’ Woodall joined the Club for an evening of two halves.

He began sharing the remarkable story of his life, from his beginnings in the Black Country, to his years at sea. Joining the army gave Stokey his first experience of sailing, but it brought sea sickness and limited enjoyment. With other options within the army even less appealing, Stokey persevered, and had soon progressed to skippering yachts. When he left military service behind, he moved into yacht delivery, which true to form had a challenging start. The first yacht was cut in half, eventually sinking. Again, Stokey was undeterred, and continued to build a successful delivery company. To date, he’s sailed over 300,000 miles, and his experience was reflected in the number of tales he had to tell.

After an intermission, Stokey talked about navigation, but not as we know it. What happens if your GPS breaks? What about if the whole GPS system fails? You don’t have any charts, or a compass. It’s too foggy to see the stars and you don’t have a timepiece. But you might just have a frying pan…

8th November 2023