For the first time in a few years the weather building up to this Rally looked like living up to its name, and so it was on the day very old with a biting easterly wind.

The plan was to meet up in Port Solent Marina during the Saturday afternoon with mulled wine and mince pies on Manketti, before walking up to the restaurant for dinner.

Although Carina was out of the water again this year, she was on the side in Port Solent and could join the rally and claim another boat present. Laura and Mark spent the afternoon on board with the heater running flat out and the VHF on channel 80 so they would hear the others approaching the lock.

1630 saw us all on board Manketti with the urn of mulled wine going well< Between that and the brandy laced hot chocolate and mince pies we soon forgot all about the cold weather outside!

A short walk around the marina brought us to the Restaurant where we were seated and served by the staff. After a nice meal in the warm it was time to make our way back to the boats for several after-parties. Laura and Mark found themselves on Jenny Wren, where they were introduced to the ‘After Eight game’ by Kate. The game involves putting an After Eight mint on your forehead and without using your hand, get it into your mouth. Thanks Kate…

The NYC Frostbite Rally is always a popular part of the Club calendar and many thanks go to Dave and Anne for organising it.

21st-22nd January 2017