The Summer Rally saw a small but perfectly formed group head to Gin’s Farm in Beaulieu River. The sun put in a rare but very welcome appearance, while the wind had it’s own plans. The 11 knots of wind that was forecast sounded perfectly civilised, whereas the 25 knots experienced was a little more lively than necessary. Still, it meant that the engine wasn’t needed!

By the time we were ready for tea (Pimms) and cakes, the number of Club members had increased courtesy of road transport, proving that lack of a boat isn’t an obstacle to ‘on-water’ activities. We had just enough time to soak up the sunshine before heading onshore to dine at Gin’s.

The return trip saw sails flying but not necessarily producing much power, as the wind strength and direction were more geared to floating than serious sailing. It wasn’t all bad, though, as the sunshine and accompanying blue sky made it a pleasant journey through the Solent.

22nd – 23rd June 2024